What is the childcare hub?

The Hub offers a one-stop shop in terms of helping parents who live in Stirchley, Brookside, Hollinswood and Randlay, with young children. It provides information and support in making decisions about childcare.

The Hub members include: reception teachers, nursery staff, pre-school staff, Childminders and Local Authority early years officers, who work closely together to provide the best outcomes for parents and children in our local area.


Childcare Hub working has many benefits including:

  • It is a single source of information for all the childcare and Early Years provision available in the Stirchley, Randlay, and Hollinswood area.
  • It allows parents to customise their childcare provision around their own individual needs
  • This means that parents can take advantage of more than one form of childcare as we will all be working together to meet parents’ needs.
  • It supports the 30hour childcare offer.