Willow and Friends Childcare.

Along came Willow…

Hello, my name is Laura and I am the owner of Willow and Friends Childcare. I am based in Randlay Telford.

I am a qualified Early Years Teacher who spent my working time shaping and nurturing the minds of 25 little munchkins which I absolutely loved. Then along came Willow in July 2017. Having Willow made me think about what I wanted to do once my maternity leave finished. 

I knew I still wanted to work with children but wanted to spend as much time as possible with Willow so I decided childminding was the way to go! I have the best of both worlds as I am able to care and educate others little ones, as well as my little girl. 

I have now been working as a childminder for 2 years and I love it. Willow now has a baby brother Max and we love spending our days together with each other and our little friends. 

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful job and Willow and Max love having lots of new friends! For more information, please go to me Facebook Page. 

Willow and Friends Childcare | Facebook 

I am also available for private tutoring or home schooling sessions for primary school aged children. If you would like any more information or to contact me, go to my Facebook Page. 

Laura Mushet – Private tutoring | Facebook

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12 Fairburn Road



Call 07840 152981